Leather Utilities

the L/U brand

The L/U brand was born out of fascination with traditional artisanal bag making especially in saddlery. The dream was to create products that will serve and adorn the owner thanks to quality manufacturing and durable materials with an attention to classic design. Beauty and performance remains, only the aging of leather will give away the passing of time.

Traditional handcrafting methods are applied in the manufacturing process and only Top quality vegetable tanned leather is selected for each product. The designs are based on classical pure lines complemented with refined details.

Besides the L/U logo all products come with an embossed identification number. The first of the three digits identifies the product, the second identifies its colour and the third stands for the leather used. This confirms that you are getting an original, unique product and it helps you to make an informed choice.


Only first class vegetable tanned leather is used in L/U products. Either from Tuscany (ID code 3 or 4) using artisan techniques passed down for generations and tanning agents of purely natural origin that give the final product its unique character. The whole tanning process is environmentally friendly and the leather therefore boasts the Pelle al Vegetale certificate. The other type of leather used is German, (1 or 2 in the ID code) out of a tannery specialised in making materials for saddlers. This leather is stiffer than the Italian.


L/U products include small leather goods – anything from purses and bags to iPad and notepad cases.


All L/U products are hand made in the Czech Republic in a small studio in the city centre of Prague. Selected products which are expected to be strained more are hand-sewn using waxed thread as this labourious method ensures a firmer seam than machine sewing. All other accessories are hand made using a sawing machine


All edges of leather are hand polished using locally-sourced beeswax.

zip fasteners

All zip fasteners are Swiss made and of the highest quality. Metal with polished cogs, these zips always ensure smooth use. Come in three available surface finishes (colours): silver, gold and ruthenium (anthracite)

product numbering